1. Kinesins head to head
  2. Stitch
  3. Home remodeling
  4. Shuffle trick with strings
  5. Internet of smells
  6. Same molecule, different outcomes
  7. Strings visualization attempt
  8. Chemlambda with string beads of 3 colors
  9. Chemlambda-hask walkthrough
  10. Howto use the chemlambda collection of simulations
  11. Enzymes in the chemical concrete machine
  12. Why this collection
  13. The chemlambda collection of simulations
  14. Quines in the '50
  15. Neurons improved
  16. The Seed, later
  17. Mother of dodecahedra
  18. Aggressive growth
  19. Pharma meets the Internet of Things
  20. Majorana, chemlambda quines and the no-semantics point of view
  21. Middle of a neural network computation
  22. Disorder from a very regular state
  23. CryptNet's true desire is the Seed
  24. Random healing grid
  25. Bigger healing grid
  26. C(he)mLisp
  27. Before chemical computations it was about space
  28. Green leaves
  29. The missing link between the half-life of double trees and green leaves
  30. Assembly sequence
  31. Half-life of double trees
  32. May 2015 post at chorasimilarity
  33. Playing with a quine while it reduces
  34. How much can you match an existing investment
  35. Another microscope version
  36. Metabolism and reversibility
  37. Snapshots sequences
  38. Packed fractal
  39. Preparing the microscope
  40. My first chemlambda superman suit
  41. Birth certificate
  42. Logo
  43. Why it does not work
  44. My reports (not related)
  45. How it works
  46. Polyribosome, first attempt
  47. Polyribosomes as molecular 3D nanoprinters, and vaults (ref)
  48. Large scale structure of a piece of Ackermann goo
  49. Infected tape duplication with space constraints
  50. Space is a plug-in in the chemical computer
  51. Neural quines eye candy
  52. Bidding ends
  53. Life snapshots
  54. Born from randomness
  55. Random Ackermann(2,2) with space constraints
  56. Metabolism is failed replication, with space constraints
  57. Ghosts means recurrence
  58. Ackermann(4,4) goo with space constraints
  59. In vitro
  60. Ackermann(4,4) goo may be indiscernible from life
  61. Rings nostalgia
  62. Ackermann goo, or Ice-nine
  63. 4 Ackermann runs in parallel
  64. Announcement: there exists an encoding...
  65. Mini Boltzmann brain
  66. Difficult observation of spreading cloud of molecules
  67. Attack and defense
  68. Molecular factories
  69. Metabolism is failed replication, deterministic version
  70. Predecessor of a fractal (2)
  71. Film strips
  72. How to make your own animations
  73. Fractal explosion
  74. Taking shape
  75. First testing the chemlambda Haskell API
  76. Competing chemical transactions and emergence of chemlisps
  77. Predecessor of a fractal
  78. Fractal out of the box
  79. The wheel, later
  80. Bigger fractal
  81. "The neurons do a better job..." (ref)
  82. Containment and diffusion
  83. Non-cooperating starmaker
  84. Divide and conquer
  85. Hibridization is a derivative
  86. Starbuds (hybridisation is a derivative part II)
  87. Self and collaboration
  88. Starmaker factory
  89. A trailer for a movie
  90. The actor kinesin
  91. Mitotic spindle
  92. Chemlambda-hask
  93. Detail of a living computation
  94. Kinesin walking on itself, recursively
  95. Mask of anarchy is a quine
  96. Invention of the wheel
  97. Deterministic synthesis from a tape
  98. Now you see it, now you don't
  99. Deterministic duplication (2)
  100. Kinesin for making stuff
  101. Is this duplication?
  102. Deterministic (pseudo)-duplication in 17 steps
  103. Third fractal
  104. Synthesis from a tape
  105. Really complex simulations
  106. Welcome to the soup (link to imar tutorial)
  107. Divide or not divide
  108. Fractal pants
  109. From fractal to stringy
  110. Discussion on metabolism and replication
  111. Starmaker, deterministic version
  112. Fractal 256
  113. Two neurons interacting, deterministic version
  114. Can anybody tell wtf is happening here? (from an issue with Victor Maia on github)
  115. Meiosis atempt, variation
  116. 16-05-09 Metabolism as failed replication, another example
  117. Meiosis first attempt, deterministic version
  118. LPU is lambda processing unit?
  119. Symmetry breaking, specialization, adaptation
  120. Meiosis, first attempt
  121. Two neurons forming and making connections
  122. Metabolism is failed replication idea
  123. Autonomous data management
  124. Symmetry breaking, specialization, adaptation, part 2
  125. Kinesin and signal on the same grid
  126. More than 400 molecules for free
  127. Starmaker in a sea of quines
  128. 4 pieces colony
  129. The brain worm
  130. Compare quiner\_shuffle with quiner\_experia
  131. Bilateral symmetry
  132. Two species remain
  133. Kinesin remake
  134. Two signals through a crossbar grid
  135. Ghost needs a faster shell, pls
  136. Build with permutations
  137. Dancing sequance, totally not serious
  138. Breathing
  139. Early vs later birth. Identical mothers, different fates.
  140. Gotcha Alice, says Eve
  141. Tube constructors in series and in parallel
  142. Kinesin relative
  143. Mother quine spawns happy babies
  144. Colonies and metabolism
  145. Small ecology
  146. Pseudoknot evolving
  147. Colony of 8 16 bubble quines
  148. Mix of 3 programs disentangle and proceed at own's pace
  149. cyberpathogen infecting cell?
  150. Ecology mix
  151. Control center gets fatter, the others have kids
  152. Same colony, different enzymes availability
  153. Boot of a 7 cell tissue
  154. Autonomous dendrites growth
  155. Time realistic burp
  156. Mobius-Kantor graph duplication
  157. Centrosome (map of island and treasure discussion!)
  158. cyberpathogen for 2014 (chorasimilarity post)
  159. Rosenkrantz and Guilderstern
  160. The scenic space (chorasimilarity post)
  161. Dodecahedra life demo
  162. Blobs doing something
  163. Fancy Ackermann function demo
  164. Part of a tissue
  165. Neurons composite image
  166. Learning to grow neural networks
  167. Pretty bubble quines, again
  168. 6 neurons
  169. Fibonacci numbers with Turing tapes
  170. Birth of a machine
  171. Circular tubes
  172. Lambda terms are molecular factories
  173. One neuron in chemlambda, detail
  174. Actors view of a siamese pair of molecules
  175. Optlam issue opened by me at Victor Maia repo
  176. Smooth walking kinesin
  177. Molecular blog (big factorial)
  178. 4 levels deep RNN
  179. Microscope views
  180. Tangled factorial, back and forth
  181. Two neurons interacting
  182. 4chan posting (kinesin)
  183. Scripts added at the chemlamdba repo
  184. Propagation of a mutation
  185. RNN again
  186. Dynamical system short movie
  187. Kinesins, microtubules and quines
  188. Structure of a thought (RNN)
  189. First cell prototype 8
  190. Dodecahedra
  191. Factorial wheel
  192. Interview at HackYourPhD
  193. Dodecahedral walker
  194. Fibonacci numbers with tube constructors
  195. The replicant (later turned into a chorasimilarity replicant post)
  196. Making, then unmaking (tube constructor)
  197. Morphing (spiral matrices constructors in parallel)
  198. Mock Ebola matrix
  199. Ackermann function with tube constructor
  200. everything needs to change so that everything can stay the same
  201. Turing machines grafted on the mock Ebola matrix
  202. First cell prototype 7
  203. Tubes
  204. Molecular embroidery
  205. The loop is the seed
  206. 8 kinesins weaving a web
  207. Bubble creatures (hybridised tapes)
  208. Turing machines migrate thru the branches
  209. Stringy molecules interacting
  210. Cell prototype interacting with kinesin mechanism
  211. Gemini contact
  212. True kinesin
  213. Busy molecules weaving the web (kinesins)
  214. Molecular motor (kinesins)
  215. First cell prototype 4
  216. A curious principle of bond compensation (ref)
  217. Two ways microtubule
  218. A cell with 4 parents (tapes+ failed replication)
  219. Maidsafe blog post (ref) with my discussion
  220. Histone attempt (The cloud)
  221. Ponyo
  222. Blog post by Wolfram with my discussion
  223. A small part of a bigger factorial computation
  224. Metabolism as failed replication. For example protein synthesis
  225. Transport line
  226. Duplicate, then execute
  227. Zipped computation
  228. Time to feed my critters
  229. The maker of starmakers
  230. Symmetries of conflicts
  231. Feeling space
  232. Duplication of duplication
  233. Nanomachine factory
  234. First cell prototype 2
  235. After the IOT comes Gaia (chorasimilarity post)
  236. Synthetic replication (tapes)
  237. Structure from symmetry
  238. Explanations about chemlambda (diffuse.tex)
  239. Feed the ouroboros (II)
  240. Duplicate OR duplicate and execute
  241. Omega duplication
  242. Reduction of false omega id in chemlambda
  243. Binary lambda calculus interpreter
  244. Conservative quine
  245. Local machines can coexist (lambda+turing)
  246. Exhibition proposal
  247. Life at molecular scale
  248. First cell prototype 3
  249. Artificial complexity, actors version (two ackermanns hybridised)
  250. A census of small molecules
  251. Some explanations concerning the trailer for the movie
  252. Vimeo video mauve
  253. Artificial, real, artificial complexity
  254. Fatgraphs discovered and molecular computers article
  255. The snowflake quine
  256. Dessin d'enfant
  257. Mutation (vimeo video)
  258. The Curry paradox creature
  259. Walker passing thru actors
  260. Pseudo-graphene builder
  261. Working session
  262. Five actors
  263. Dust to dust (quines dying)
  264. Victor Maia issue 2,
  265. Mist of the future (whatif proposal of collaboration)
  266. Learning to use the scripts
  267. Medusa
  268. The path shortening phenomenon
  269. Artificial complexity 2 (mauve)
  270. Structure
  271. Torus quine
  272. Signal transduction whirls
  273. The shrimp thing
  274. Deterministic vs random (vimeo)
  275. Quines are not actors
  276. Two Ackermann functions, three actors
  277. Movie HHMI used later (ref)
  278. The mask of anarchy evolves to life
  279. Action
  280. Happy Birthday Claudia
  281. Molecular computers in real life
  282. Structure
  283. Composite image from two animations
  284. 24 busy beavers
  285. Deterministic vs random (vimeo video)
  286. Replication (vimeo video)
  287. Emergence of AI from clockwork parts (vimeo video)
  288. Movie trailer (vimeo video)
  289. Recursive, fractal, time, space (vimeo video)
  290. Movie trailer (youtube video)
  291. Movie sequence (later in the movie trailer)
  292. Is this alive enough? (sequence later in the movie trailer)
  293. Warped lightcone, or nano-material fabric
  294. Two swirls, experia version (sequence later used in the movie trailer)
  295. Experia shows the tree
  296. Github update of the quiner experia
  297. Experiment in black (experia beginning movie)
  298. Experia version first demo
  299. Two swirls
  300. Sea creature is not... (movie bigpred\_tree\_double...)
  301. Ackerman(3,2): there can be only one
  302. An egg hatching (double\_bigpred\_train\_perm.mol)
  303. Maze traversal
  304. Synthetic ouroboros, animation
  305. Hybridized ouroboros
  306. Tree traversal magic
  307. Synthetic ouroboros (movie)
  308. Ackermann again
  309. Feed the ouroboros
  310. Ouroboros, the first quine
  311. From dusk till dawn (ackermann(4.0))
  312. Signal transduction made visible
  313. Synthetic stuff
  314. Invisible puppeteer
  315. Protein
  316. Another fresh self-composition of a permutation
  317. Chemlambda-py animation
  318. Road traffic (permutation)
  319. Permutations composition
  320. Permutation wheel
  321. Atomic heart quine (permutation, deterministic)
  322. Call by value, call by need, call by any other name
  323. Permutations
  324. Factorial 5!=120
  325. Signal transduction
  326. Baby octopus
  327. Surface generation
  328. 1000X this makes a microbiome OS
  329. The madness 81 group of experiments (part II)
  330. This is how a molecular computer would like
  331. The madness 81 group of experiments (part I)
  332. The madness 81 group of experiments (part III)
  333. Meaning, time dependent (ackermann(3,2))
  334. Chemlambda anniversary, 28 June 2013
  335. Fast speed structure
  336. One or many organisms (big quine)
  337. Routing (tree comparison, shuffle trick)
  338. What if it can be done (chorasimilarity post)
  339. 27 microbes
  340. What is time for a quine (deterministic)
  341. Proof of equality via the shuffle trick (trees)
  342. Towards fractal patterns in quines
  343. Complex lifeforms (quines, patterns)
  344. Command for cytokinesis
  345. The case of the pattern which is not there
  346. Promisses of crossings (ifthenelse)
  347. Is there something in the box?
  348. False is a hybrid of True
  349. Boolean wire
  350. Apply the Y combinator to a busy beaver
  351. Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the simplest model of computation of them all?
  352. Neuron replication
  353. The story of the first artificial life organism in chemlambda
  354. The replication mechanism for circular bacterial chromozomes is known
  355. Ring duplication and hybridization
  356. The Y combinator in chemlambda, explained
  357. Duplication of a DNA like structure in chemlambda
  358. This animation starts with one Turing machine and ends with 3 Turing machines
  359. Artificial life microbes on one side, standard computation tests on the other
  360. There are $O(10^2)$ artificial molecules in chemlambda which are made by 2 main nodes
  361. Zipper logic
  362. Neuron like artificial molecule
  363. How big an artificial living molecule can be?
  364. When biological immortality is possible in Nature, why is it so rare, especially for complex organisms?
  365. An artificial microbe (aka chemlambda quine) is a molecule which keeps approximately its shape under random interactions with rewrite enzymes (metabolism visualization)
  366. Evolution of a 20-quine, with a visualization trick
  367. Biological immortality means that the probability of death does not depend on the age of the organism. A well known example is Turritopsis dohrnii
  368. Play with artificial microbes (youtube video)
  369. My first gif created from video
  370. The basic bricks of the MicrobiomeOS are chemlambda quines (colony of two species of quines)
  371. Duplication of id
  372. Duplication of a FO tree demo
  373. The all-in-one illustrated shuffle trick (chorasimilarity post)
  374. Lambda calculus and other secret alien technologies... (chorasimilarity post)
  375. There are two extremal applications of the shuffle trick
  376. The beta reduction from lambda calculus
  377. Join me on erasing the disctinction between virtual and real
  378. The other extremal application of the shuffle trick
  379. Toorings demo
  380. Shuffle trick
  381. Is not straightforward to get good chemical computations from lambda calculus
  382. newfact\_zero demo